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My partner and I used Wall Street Gold on a rarely repeated Eldo classic today. Thanks to this chalk, it will be just as much an adventure for the next folks to come along. This chalk works great, and aligns with a traditional climbing LNT ethic. If you are still using white chalk, you’re doin it wrong.

Sam Latone / Facebook

We used some Yosemite gray a few weekends ago climbing at the parachute rock in S. Platte and not only did I send my hardest grade to date, but left the rock unscathed for the next party to enjoy unlocking the mental trickery that is required for that route. Two thumbs way up for this stuff! I will be using this chalk exclusively from now on.

Cortney LeNeave / Facebook

I adore this chalk. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Keeps my hands dry, allows for optimal grip and disappears on the rock as I make my next move. I truly can’t validate using anything else after using colored chalk. It’s pretty awesome to know I’m helping keep the rock pristine for my daughter and her future kids.

Holly / Amazon
Tom Randall of the wide boyz climbing

Tom Randall of the WIDE BOYZ

“Wallstreet Gold was an absolute savior on The Crucifix Project in Canyonlands. It meant that we can climb to our maximum on a project, yet stay completely within the park’s environmental guidelines. As adventure climbers, this is really important to us. One particular added benefit is that the consistency of the chalk seems to keep my hands way drier than normal chalk – now THAT, I can’t complain about!

Tom Randall / Wide Boyz

Pete Whittaker of the WIDE BOYZ

“Climbing Addicts has put a product together with large considerations, thoughts and beliefs to environmental factors, I really respect that! Not only does it take this into account, but the quality of the product is still as high a standard, as any chalk, I’ve used. It’s a total win-win situation!”

Pete Whittaker / Wide Boyz

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